Jane Austen Overdose

So I had this crazy idea: to watch again all my Austen related movies and series, and live blog my experience. Ideally, I’d do that chronologically starting with the 1940 Pride & Prejudice, but after a rather entertaining discussion on Twitter,I promised @SalonJaneAusten and @Austen_in_Bath I’d start with the 1996 ITV production of Emma, starring Kate Beckinsale and Mark Strong. This is not my favorite Emma, mostly because Strong’s hair is quite distracting (and because Jonny Lee Miller can never do wrong in my eyes).

So, if you want to “watch” Emma with me, Click Here! Comments are enabled, so you can join in whenever you like.


Should I do another live-blogging? If so, which movie/series should I blog about?



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4 responses to “Jane Austen Overdose

  1. Hey, glad to be the first to vote. If you are not afraid of overdose (which I guess not, jejeje), I’ve voted for Emma 1996 (Miramax). If you watch novel by novel, I think it would be better. This way, you (and if you let me, I include myself) can discuss the differences between adaptations. I’m posting about Emma’s novel, so we can compare even with the book!!
    Count with me for anything you need or want to talk about.

  2. Hello, Ana, great idea to blog live. I have the Beckinsale Emma in dvd, but I don´t remember the hair expirience, I guess I should rewatch it to give you my opinion about that, but I think, or remember, it was a good adaptation. So, forgive me for not joined you yesterday, but is always nice to talk Austen anytime, don´t you think?, I was yesterday, myself, having a book marathon of Pride and Prejudice, a third re-read, and I´m sad because I am almost ending it, but, happy that i´m going to be blogging about my favorite Jane Austen novel soon.

  3. I think you should do Northanger Abbey when you are back :). I voted the 2007 version, but oh! the 1986 version would be so fuuuuun to check again! 🙂

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