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Friends, that’s what it’s all about

You are feeling rather upbeat today, but you still must be careful about sharing your feelings with others. You are aware of your own contradictions, yet you may be quite accepting of them. Others, however, are not, and your honest disclosures can stir up their insecurities. Since they are not likely aware of their own biases, you could end up being the target of their anxious discomfort. All things considered, it’s easier now to keep your thoughts private.


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Vamos fugir deste lugar, baby

You may be feeling a bit on-edge as anxiety surfaces, even if you don’t know the source. There may be particular issues you are currently dealing with, but your worry might be blown out of proportion. Nevertheless, don’t try to deny your feelings or they will only grow stronger. Instead, watch them without resistance and let them ripple through you and float into the past. Tomorrow will surely be a new day.

By Rick Levine
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eu sei a fonte, tio Rick, e acabei de devorar um Diamante Negro por causa de um MONKEY! antipático e arrogante. SO SUE ME!!!

In other news, eu sou MUITO BOA no que eu faço. Sem modéstia.

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Did I ask too much?

Então que ontem, no ápice de uma crise existencial, eu abri mão de ver Transformers 2 (MECHAS!) pra dar um jeito na minha vida, o universo e tudo mais.

Cheguei a perguntar para o Twitterverso se It’s now or never? Should I stay or should I go? e se To be or not to be?

Cagona que eu sou, foi never, stay, not to be.

Eis que hoje, recebo dois golpes do Destino (apesar de achar que o Destino é um imbecil). O primeiro, por e-mail:

Dear Ana,
Here is your horoscope for
Wednesday, July 8:
Your mind can roam far and wide today, and you should be able to pick up a few sweet ideas along the way! Think through all the problems you’ve faced over the past year and you might answer one or two.

Valeu aí,! NOT!

Mas o pior, o mais cruel, foi o segundo golpe. Dele, sim, sempre ele, Rick Levine:

Accomplishing your long-term goals might seem like an impossible task now as you face the simple reality of where you are in your life. But there’s no time for self-pity; you have important work to do today. You have a small window of opportunity, so don’t waste any time. Acknowledge what isn’t working and make whatever changes are necessary to get back on track.

E tudo teria feito sentido se não fosse por UM detalhe. Ao final da previsão, dizia:

Friday, June 26, 2009


Aí descobri que não era o Universo tentando se comunicar comigo através de horóscopos online, e sim o computador do NELE que estava com a data errada.

Desfeito o erro, fui atrás do que Rick Levine tinha para me dizer hoje:

You cannot rely on anyone else to objectively tell you what’s really happening now. Stop and listen to what’s in your heart.

Ao que digo, mais uma vez, VALEU TIO RICK! :/

In other news, eu acho que as coisas voltaram ao normal depois de 3 meses. Missed you.

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Pretend that you’re alone now

Sunday, June 28th, 2009— It’s easy for you to feel good about yourself today, yet all the self-help books and affirmations in the world won’t get you out of your current mess. Forget about finding a magic formula; just do what makes the most sense, including taking care of your own needs first. What seems like an act of selfishness can be magically transformed into saint-like behavior at the right time.


Obrigada tio Rick por tirar da minha consciência o peso de algumas decisões complicadas, tipo participar ou não do Salão de Iniciação Científica. Graças a uma auto-reflexão forçada, cortesia de uma dor de cabeça do cão, e a decisão de NÃO, EU NÃO VOU PARTICIPAR DESSA PORRA, a Propesq resolveu prorrogar o prazo, e agora eu vou ser obrigada, DE NOVO, a pensar a respeito.

In other news, I kind of got a raise.

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